In Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

capture the memories

Comfortable. In your home. With your style. Capturing your new love.

In Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

During your In Home Newborn Lifestyle session, we will focus on telling your family's story! Capturing all the tiny details of your new bundle, as well as all the big details of your growing family. Think comfy, cozy, casual, laid back, real life.

We'll set aside about 90 minutes to spend documenting this new season of life! We will include family photos, newborn photos, siblings, mom and dad and more.

Is an In Home Newborn Lifestyle Session right for you?

Take a look at what to expect

Where will we take the photos?

We'll focus on areas like the nursery, the master bedroom, the living room and any other area that has great natural light. Natural light is vital in capturing the best in home photographs. In the questionnaire during booking, you can indicate some of these areas. We will take a look in these areas when I arrive and decide what will work best based on natural light, space and overall feel.

What do I need to do to prepare my home for the session?

Not too much! Babies like to be warm - so be sure your home is nice and cozy to help keep baby comfortable and sleepy. Decide on outfits for the family (more on that later). Be sure to make the bed and that the bed has a neutral comforter or bed set. Open up the blinds and curtains to let in all the natural light. Declutter the common areas we will be photographing in - but do not stress about cleaning the whole house! I will not judge a messy bathroom or dishes in the sink... you just brought a tiny human home, I get it! Just keep in mind what will be in "eyeshot" of the camera ;)

Will there be time for feedings?

Of course! We can even document this through photographs if you'd like! If you are breastfeeding and would like some nursing photos, we can definitely do that! Either way, feeding is part of your story and journey - let me know if you'd like it captured. On kind of the same note... try to keep baby awake a little bit before the session - this will help get those sleepy, snuggly, content, squishy newborn photos during the session. 

What props will you use?


Kidding... kind of ;) My goal and style is to capture your family's story and lifestyle through my photographs. When I think of props, I think of the everyday items that your family uses in your home - like the crib, bedding, blankets, headbands, furniture, windows, pillows, etc. If you have something special you would like included in the photographs, please be sure to let me know. We will definitely work it into the photographs in a way that feels natural and authentic. With that said, I may bring along a few items like blankets or other simple accessories that may help in styling a space that just might need a little something "extra". I may also need to slightly adjust placement of furnishings to get the best light and photo while still keeping the integrity and authenticity of your family, your story, your lifestyle. 

What should we wear?

For Mom, I recommend a maxi dress! Maxi dresses are super flattering, feel natural in the setting and photograph SO well. Try to stick to earth tones and shy away from bright colors as they can reflect and cause skin discoloration. Avoid loud and busy patterns and logos. Jeans work well, too! Pair them with a comfy, cozy cardigan or something extra soft. Most importantly - be sure you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose!

For baby, I recommend keeping it simple! Start with a neutral onesie and prepare a couple "outfits" (just in case!) of maybe a headband or hat with complimentary swaddle or muslin blanket or simple, plain one piece outfits. Just be sure we can see those tiny fingers and toes! Babies are mostly (and love to be!) in simple outfits or wrapped up in blankets for those first few weeks - it's a natural choice of clothing for newborns and feels authentic in photographs. Don't worry about "dressing up" your newborn too much if you don't want to - although cute, fancy outfits may feel a bit out of place in newborn photos.

For Dad, I recommend keeping it comfortable and casual. A nice fitted pair of jeans or neutral shorts paired with a nice, neutral tee, Henley, or casual long sleeved button down all feel natural and photograph well. Again, avoid distractions like bright colors, busy patterns and large logos. 

It's always a good idea to lay a few options out and see what works well together and what doesn't - remember, your goal is to coordinate, not necessarily match... and be comfortable!