At Willa Jo, we know how quickly the time flies! It's almost impossible to soak up everything that comes your way - that's why we believe capturing the memories are so important! Whether you're wanting to get the family together for a quick signature session, just the kids, the extended family, a new baby or your senior - we have have just the session for you.

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Willa Jo Signature Session

Families, milestones, siblings, friends, lifestyle, etc.
~30 minute outdoor session
Multiple photo opportunities at one location
Relaxed, fun setting
Dozens of high quality, edited images delivered via online gallery
Print Release


Extended Family Session

~45 minute outdoor session
Multiple photo opportunities at one location including full family, individual families, couples, siblings, cousins, individuals, etc.
Relaxed, fun setting
Dozens of high quality, edited images via online gallery
Print Release


Signature Senior Session

For the Senior who wants it ALL!
Up to a 2 hour timeframe
Multiple outdoor photo opportunities at up to 4 locations*
Unlimited outfits
Relaxed, fun setting
Dozens of high quality, edited images delivered via online gallery
Print Release

from: $450

Senior Mini Session

For the senior who just needs a few good photos!
~15 minute mini session
Handful of photo opportunities at one location
One outfit
Relaxed, fun setting
5 free, high quality, edited images with option to purchase additional photos
Print Release


In Home Newborn Lifestyle

~ 90 Minute In Home session
Multiple photo opportunities to capture your new season of life
Relaxed, fun setting
Dozens of high quality, edited images delivered via online gallery
Print Release


Lifestyle Branding Session

It's time to show your brand who's boss! Let's take your every day "job" and showcase it!
~45 minutes
Multiple photo opportunities at your place of business, including headshots and lifestyle
1-2 outfits
Dozens of images/online gallery
Print release


Which memories do you want to hold on to forever?

Memories worth everything

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How many pictures will we receive?

You will receive DOZENS (sometimes 100+) of photographs delivered via online gallery from every session (with the exception of mini sessions).

How should we dress for our family session?

You can find more information under Experience and Style Guidance, but I'll give you the cliff notes ;)

1. Keep it neutral
2. Choose an outfit for the hardest to dress first
3. Coordinate colors - Don't do matchy, matchy.
4. Make it move! Maxi dresses, flowy skirts - movement is always a good choice!
5. Avoid bright/neon colors and large logos.
6. Keep it simple! But make it fun with different fabrics and textures!

You can always reach out if you're stuck or in need of a suggestion!

When do you hold your sessions?

All of my sessions will be done 1-2 hours before sunset for the best golden light. I avoid mid day sessions at all costs (unless we're doing an In Home Newborn session!)

Do we have to order prints from you?

Nope! All of my sessions come with a Print Release which allows you to print where and what you want! However, there is an option to order prints and other items from a professional online photo lab, which will give you the highest quality of prints.

Can you edit out a pimple or scratch from my child's face?

Of course! Small blemishes can easily be removed during the editing process. Simple edits as these keep the feel and emotions of the photo intact and the distractions down without diminishing the authenticity of the photograph.

Can I choose the location for my session?

We can definitely consider different location options for your session, and I LOVE finding new spots! However, I would need to be sure the location is ideal for lighting and photographing, so I may ask for some pictures of the area (if it's a location near you) or I may scout it out ahead of time to get a feel for the space and decide if we can get the best photographs there.

I have lots of different session locations in mind, and we can work together to get the best fit for everyone.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes! I offer mini sessions on certain dates, usually a few times a year. During a mini session, you can expect about the same experience as a full session, just in a little quicker pace and not quite as many posing options. My mini sessions come with limited free photos with the opportunity to purchase more.

My senior doesn't really like getting their pictures taken...

That's OK! Not everyone loves being in front the camera. I have lots of posing ideas and tricks to help your senior feel more comfortable at his or her session. I offer a Senior Mini Session for the senior who just needs a couple good photos to make Mom and the yearbook committee happy ;)